Thursday, August 16, 2012


I am very picky when it comes to food. I am also a vegetarian, which makes me double picky! 

Having stayed at the Pinnacle Lumpinee Hotel in Bangkok I did not really know where to find "acceptable" food but a friend who visited me suggested we just walk across the street to Vincent's Restaurant & the 7 Rooms. I asked if they even have any vegetarian options and my friend did not really know. 

But when I opened the menu, I was blown away to see that Vincent offers most of his selection also as a vegetarian option (unless you order steak or pure meat dishes of course). So that was a total win and I ate myself up and down the menu in the following days!

Vincent offers a wide selection of food and will make everything fresh from a simple sandwich (believe me it is not so simple but very delicious!) to a wide variety of curries (all with vegetarian options) and even classic meet dishes, which of course I did not even look at! 

The restaurant also offers red or white wine, which is well temperated and makes the dining a nice experience. 

Once can sit inside during the heat of the day and stay cool with the air-condition or sit outside in the warm evenings. Both are equally nice to enjoy. 

Having said all this, the best is yet to come! Vincent and his staff's service. I have never felt so welcome before. Even on my first visit to the restaurant, I immediately felt like not eating alone, or when coming with friends it felt like eating with a family. Very friendly, capable and caring people! 

I have eaten at restaurants all over Bangkok and it usually takes several visits before the staff recognizes you and you feel "at home". With Vincent and his staff I felt at home right from the first time I set foot into his restaurant. A definite place to revisit on my next trip! 

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