Saturday, August 11, 2012


I hate it when I check out of a hotel and they ask me if I had anything from the minibar...I never have and will never have! But in Bangkok and the rest of Thailand they will check... I also hate it when they tell me "have a seat please" ...which is typically followed by "check room" if I would steal any of their lousy interior ....

Usually after a few minutes everything is fine and I am "allowed" to leave. In a few hotels it has taken very long and I did voice my level of frustration that I had to wait for housekeeping to pick up that lonely phone which you usually hear ringing on floors and then go check the rooms. 

So this recent Hotel in Bangkok also asked me if I had anything from the minibar and I said "NO" and after a while they came back from checking the room and told me that I had a Coke and something is usually not a lot anyway but it still makes me mad. Not as mad as I had gotten from the infamous Frangipani Fine Arts Hotel in Phnom Penh, where they charged 12 Dollars from the Minibar to my Credit Card and debited it before I could even say "NO". But that was another story

So, what I usually do when I check in is to take a photo of the minibar. We all have smart phones anyway and take a lot of crap photos, so this is just one which helps me proof that I did not have anything from the minibar. 

At check-out of the Pinnacle Lumpini Hotel in Bangkok, I just whipped out my camera and showed her my check-in and my check-out photo and the receptionist smiled and said "good idea" and the minibar bill was off the table...LOL 


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