Monday, August 20, 2012


Well, there is not going to be any photos for this post. I simply don't have one, which is so unlike me!

For the second time now I have used Fast Track & VIP Service when flying into Bangkok's Suvannaphum Airport. I was simply sick of the long lines and if there were none at the time of arrival I was freaked out by the press reporting about it beforehand.

I must admit, that I also love the feeling of the whole product offering which includes being greeted at the arrival gate by some smart looking guy with a sign that has your name on it. They give you a nice deep "wai" (the traditional greeting) and then take your carry-on luggage.

I have been in Bangkok many times, so I usually don't have to pay attention to any signs, which direct the way to immigration and baggage belt, but being picked up this way is the most relaxing thing after a 12 hour flight.

You just whisk through the airport, zoom by the long lines at immigration and the most amazing thing is that the immigration officials actually smile and are nice!!! We were actually too early at the luggage belt, so we always have to wait a bit for my suit case to arrive. But even that is unloaded for me and pulled by the guy for me.

We just zoom through customs and none of the annoying people who want to drive you or offer you a hotel will even come close. You are met by your personal limo outside the airport, your luggage is loaded into the trunk and off you go to your hotel in the comfort if an A/C limo with a waterbottle waiting for you in the seat pocket.

There is no forced conversation with the driver which starts with "hello sir, where you from" and consequently also no sales pitch with regards to trips around Bangkok.

It might just be my imagination but I do get a feeling that the Hotel staff is also friendlier when they see you arriving with a V.I.P. limo from the airport.

On the way back to the airport it is the same deal. You do not have to worry about finding a taxi, or bargaining for the fare to the airport. The driver is already waiting and these guys are amazingly punctual. Even for me as a total on time-freak it is impressive!! My last driver was actually 2 hours early and waited patiently in the garage of the hotel.

Again, no conversation, unless you want it. You are being met by your personal assistant at the airport who carries your luggage again ;-) whisks you through check-in, a special immigration counter and security check and then drops you off at your place of choice inside the airport - for me the lounge.

It took a record-setting 30 minutes from leaving the hotel at Lumpini Park until I sat down in the lounge of the airport.

What a way of traveling! Well, it does have a price tag, but for this service I am prepared to pay it!

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