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View from MBS
Every time I come back to Singapore, there is something new...a new building, a new mall, a new...something! And it is always exciting and awesome! 

For the Gardens by the Bay, I had to wait for a friend there told me it would open soon, but I had to come back 3 times before it was actually open. I am not saying "finished" here, but "open" because it was still not totally finished and I am not even sure if it will ever be finished. It seems that it will be a constantly changing world in there. 
Flower Dome

I will for sure be back here many times because of it's changing exhibitions and because I am far from having seen everything on my first visit. We stayed for 5 hours during our first visit and in the end we hurried through it  because we were several people who all wanted to go their own ways.

The S$ 28 ticket was well invested and in order to avoid the long lines we had heard about, we reserved the tickets online. In the end, there was no line at all. Probably totally depends on the day and season. 
Flower Dome

The "Flower Dome" was the first place we visited inside the huge Gardens and I was a bit overwhelmed. I had not expected it to be so big and so spectacular. For photographers this means "bring lots of battery power with you"! 

The design, layout, and the plants/flowers of this cool-dry conservatory justifies even a visit by it's own. But nevertheless did we move on to the "Cloud Forest" when my first battery was already indicating that it was just about to die. 

Flower Dome
From outside the Cloud Forest, I imagined it to be hot and steamy for some reason. But since this is the cool-moist conservatory, it was actually much colder inside. By the end of our tour, I was freezing. So, it is a good idea to bring long pants and a sweater next time. Going all the way "up" inside the Could Forest was completely different from "coming down". Not only because there are different plants to see, but because the sun started to set and the lights went on inside the Cloud Forest Dome, which gave it a totally different atmosphere.

Cloud Forest
We visited the gardens at around 4pm and like they say on their web site, it is a good idea to plan your visit. We did miss the best light for the "Supertree Grove" outside because we were all cold and wanted dinner. By the time that was finished all the good photo opportunities for the setting sunlight were gone. Next time!! :-)

But we did stick around until it was completely dark and enjoyed the Supertree Grove nevertheless, which will be covered in a separate post. 

Cloud Forest
All in all, it is an awesome experience to visit the Gardens by the Bay and I am counting the weeks to my next opportunity to go back there.  Not only is it a beautiful place to visit, but it is also educational and shows you the impact the climate change will have to our planet. Mind you, most visitors I saw did just pass through that theater at the end of the visit, but it is worth to stay and watch. I also particularly liked all the information on the sustainability efforts of the Gardens and the energetics of the conservatories.

Flower Dome overview

+ 5 degree theater

Sustainability and Energetics

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