Thursday, November 8, 2012


After visiting the wonderful world of flowers and plants inside the domes of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, we went out to check out the Supertree Grove. While we had our S$ 28 ticket, the Supertree Grove can be visited for free. 

As I mentioned before, we missed the best light for a sunset and thus waited until it was completely dark. What we also missed because we had not properly planned our visit, was the OCBC Skywalk, which lets you walk 128 meters between two of the trees. We tried to get in, but ticket sales stops 30 minutes before they actually close for the day. So, another good reason to come back here. The only thing I missed was my professional DSLR camera, so I had to live with the somewhat mediocre quality of my compact camera.

It is still a great place to enjoy an evening out. The views are just awesome from every angle and with the backdrop of the city, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and all the other highrises of Singapore it provides a great photographic project. The OCBC Garden Rhapsody show was nice, but I think I expected too much, after having been awed all afternoon and evening by the Gardens. But it gave a nice and relaxing touch to an already great visit.

The walk back to the MRT station was longer than anticipated, but offered more great views of the Gardens and the city. Getting a taxi back to the city was an impossible task, so we decided to go for the walk & MRT option.

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