Sunday, April 7, 2013


It is a tourist thing! But then, not all tourist things are bad! It is actually nicer than the nightmarket in Chiang Mai, where we had been almost every evening due to the location of our hotel on a former trip. 

I did meet up with a new friend from the states who wanted to explore the market and we agreed to meet at the market. He walked in from the east and I came from the west, which I thought was easy. But I had not expected so many people during the high season. So it became a challenge to meet and only thanks to modern technology were we able to meet. 

I like to start at Wat Phra Singh, the famous temple in Chiang Mai, send a little prayer off  and then do the tourist thing. Anything can be found at the market here but it is more arts and crafts than at the night market, though a lot of the items sold here are also mass production. There were several artists selling their own art. Food and drinks of local production are also being sold. So, it makes wandering up and down the full Ratchadamnoen Street a fun evening. Don't go too early though. The market is usually more fun when it is dark. Several temples along the way might be open and are worthwhile to be explored as well. A bit strange was one stand which offered shooting games within the temple grounds though. 



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