Monday, September 2, 2013


Is it this time of the year again? F1 season in Singapore! The season when the already high hotel prices of Singapore go through the roof and you have to pay a ridiculous price for an 8 sqm room! 

Don't get me wrong! I love the F1 race and I will of course be there again, but seeing the hotel price hikes makes me mad. Luckily I did go on my own hotel hunt months and months ago...even flew to Singapore on other trips throughout the year and checked out new hotels. Most lower priced rooms turned out to be not my thing. Too small, no window, too far from the race track, mold on the walls, unfriendly staff...a long list to chose from. 

So, I ended up booking the same hotel which I had used last year and I am even getting the room of my preference at an acceptable price. But again...I booked months and months ago. 

If you are in the unfortunate situation to need a room now, or a room in one of the nice hotels close to the race track, you are looking at insane prices. Hotels where I had stayed before, during off race season are charging 285 S$ for a 8 sqm room per night. The IBIS, where I had stayed before, was booked out, as most hotels in Singapore.  One Hotel, which I really would love to stay at during the race is the Swissotel The Stamford, but not at 723 S$ a night ('s quote today). The Ritz-Carlton, where I would probably not even stay during off-race season had two rooms left on for a stunning 1537 S$ ...per night!!  But at least here you would not even have to buy a ticket for the race but just watch it from your own balcony or window. 

I know I will enjoy the race and my 5 nights in my cozy little room in Singapore, at the same total price which buys me a monthly rate for my room in Bangkok. So, lets just hope that Bangkok will never host a F1 race in the future!

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