Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Back in Singapore for the F1 race, I was actually excited to see and hear Rihanna at the end of the race. Even though it is a real rush to get from the other end of the race track to the Padang stage, I was committed to try it. Last year showed me already that it is almost impossible to make it in time before the concert starts, but I had my "secret" routes through the race track. So, even though I enjoyed Mr. Vettel up to the last moment when he got his prize, I rushed back to the Padang and made it just in time. 

The music was just starting, the huge lawn was full with people. 60.000 they say, though less people than the night before when The Killers were on stage. The crowed was also less cheerful. They were mostly standing and waiting while the night before they where all fired up already (with alcohol and excitement). 

Finally, Rihanna came out and the huge crowd cheered, the flights went flashing and the music started. I will admit that I was about in the middle of the crowd, due to the long way I had to manage back to the Padang, but I could still see her on stage and of course through the huge screens which showed her. 

There was some excitement during the first song, though not as much as I expected. I was thinking that it might just be that song, that people would need some time to get fired up, but that did not happen really. A few people seemed to enjoy the songs, and even I showed some attempts to get moving with the tunes, but the music and the singing was far to inconsistent to build up any momentum. 

One of my friends blogged that he enjoyed it a lot and that Rihanna is known to lip synch and perform with a lot of support from the other singers, but in my mind she did hardly sing or hold the mic to her could hear her sing without even having the mic close to her mouth, which I hated. Her movements reminded me of a drunk or someone on drugs, who is incapable to control his or her movements. She looked like a big child in her pyjamas and house shoes, who wanted to come across like a rapper in the living room when nobody is watching. 

I stayed for several songs, taped them too, but I did not get excited at all. A woman in front of me texted to someone "at Rihanna concert now - she really sucks" !   I thought to myself that this might just be the wrong audience. After all this is a F1 audience. Guys in tank tops who are too cool to even put ear plugs in when the cars are roaring down the race track and guys where drunk already when the race started. But there where also others, couples who looked at each other with disbelieve when they heard the singing (if you can call that singing). 

A lot of people started leaving after the third or fourth song. At that time I must have heard Rihanna calling out "SINGAPOOOOOOORE" for the zillionst time, as if she had to remind herself where she actually was. And the crowd had stopped to respond after the second or third time of hearing it.

All in all, it was more my music taste that the days before. The Killers certainly had the crowd all going, but it was just not my music, so I left. Rihanna was a disappointment to me and I decided to get ahead of the 60.000 people at the exit gates and not let her performance waste my great race experience.

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  1. Too bad u are not used to the killers by that time.. I call them the greatest band of the 21st century..The night after Singapore they performed in KL and they were unbelievably brilliant live!

    Rihana-wise....not worth my time to even think about it!