Thursday, October 10, 2013


Have I mentioned that I love Changi Airport? Yeah...I think I did...but I can't get enough of it and I think it absolutely deserves to be the #1 airport in the world!  I find it extremely efficient, swiftly move from the airplane door through immigration, pickup my luggage and am in the taxi within minutes!  I know, some friends have told me that their line reached all the way up from immigration to the escalators, but I have never ever had such experiences before. And I have been in Changi a lot in the past view years. 

Changi also has the friendliest immigration officers I have ever met. Even when one of them recently scared me and paged forth and back in my passport. I thought "what now?"..."Don't start with those questions the US immigration keeps pissing me off...why are you here? whom do you know? or the best yet 'what-do-you-want-in-my-country-question' ...". But he was just looking for some space on already used pages, so he would not have to waste a new page for the stamps.

Besides efficiency I just love to spend time at Changi and it is the only airport in the world, where I do not mind to spend time. Even a 4 hour layover of a yet to take flight in a few months will be no problem for me.

The airport is simply beautiful. I love the carpet and the fact that you cannot hear other passengers walk around. I also enjoy the selections of restaurants I can chose from at prices which are not too bad for an airport. I have recently been at Munich's airport and was shocked to see their prices, even for a simple sandwich. Drinks? Forget it!!! Even just buying a bottle of plain water will cost you, because of the refund for the stupid bottle. And I am not going to walk around an airport to bring back my bottle or keep the bottle for an international flight, just to bring it back after a few weeks. Munich's very few restaurants and pubs are not even nice enough to sit there and enjoy a meal or drink, compared with Singapore. And Munich is listed with the best airports of the world! I have no idea what got them even into the ranking!

In Changi I enjoy the new arrangements of flowers and plants, fish ponds and exhibits. Even their latest gadget "the social tree" seems fun, though I would never put in my details and photos, but people seemed to enjoy it. The free WiFi is not working to well, but there are plenty of Internet stations around.

Transportation from Changi is also so cheap compared to other airports. A mere 15-20 S$ brings you into Chinatown. 25S$ during F1 days, because of heavier traffic and for a few dollars you can even take the MRT. Last visit a taxi driver even told me my trip was free because we had such a great conversation in his cab. Never happened to me anywhere in the world...on the contrary, they would expect a high tip for being nice!

Well, I could go on and on here, but I am really just doing this post here because my next post will be about Bangok's Don Muang and Suvannaphum airports. I'll even through in a few new photos from Changi to remind myself how nice my #1 airport in the world is.

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