Thursday, October 17, 2013


My second stay at LeHotel in Singapore's River district. F1 times again and outrageous prices again. LeHotel proved OK during our last stay, so we gave it another try.  Again, this is not one of the fancy, large rooms with a grand view, but a clean and basic accomodation. After all, I am going to the race track day and night and don't spend a lot of time in the room. 

A warm "welcome back Sir" when arriving showed me that I was still remembered (and I remembered the nice lady at the counter as well). 

 The room I had reserved and which was confirmed in writing was not available though - bummer! But an email and a day later I was able to move into my preferred room. A miracle during F1 times!!! 

While we faced the back and dozens of windows and A/C units last time, we had a nice window to the street this year. Much better, though I was not really sure if the office building across the street can actually look into the room, so the curtains remained closed most of the time. 

 This room proved better than last year's because their was a "safe" gap between the two beds, while we literally layed right next to each other a year ago. Not a good idea, since I did share with a person I hardly knew a year ago!

Shower room also came with a shower cabin this time. The rest was similar - Coffee maker with free coffee and tea. Bottled water and free, though very mediocre Internet connection. There was almost no way to connect in the room, independent of the floor I tried to connect. The lobby connection always worked, but sitting there with a bunch of other guests was not my thing. 

Staff was as good or bad as a year ago - one person is really nice, the rest is "neutral" to "non existent" at best. Two nights I came in with nobody even manning the desk. 

The price is another question. Though it was cheaper than other hotels, it is waaaaay to expensive for what you get.  The downsides are like last year: no safety box, no storage for cloths, just hangers, no breakfast and a bad internet connection. But it is clean and with a great location a block away from the river and within walking distance to the F1 circuit is awesome though. One thing which I didn't mention last year: This is the only hotel I have ever had with no inside lock and no "do not disturb" sign available...makes you feel very uneasy when using the bathroom or sleeping, so I keep blocking the door with my suitcase or furniture to prevent people from just walking in.

2014 again? Prices are even higher than this year, so I made a provisional reservation at a different place, a year in advance!

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