Thursday, February 20, 2014


I am a convenience guy! I love fast and easy travel from point A to point B. My ideal in Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport is to get off the plain and be greeted by VIP service and be guided to the car and driven to my hotel, without having to endure a complicated conversation with a taxi driver that starts with "where you come from, sir?"

But the recent blockade of the city and it's implications on traffic (or the danger of it) had convinced me to test the Airport Link Train to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Friends had told me about it before, I never wanted to use it until now. So, I did it and I am quite happy with it. I actually started off from a Subway MRT station at Lumphini Station, to Makkasan Station where I bought the ticket and boarded the Airport Link until I exited at the Airport. Friends had told me that I would have to cross the street at Phetchaburi MRT station and carry it upstairs to the Makkasan Station, but that was all connected in January when I did it. 

So, here is a photo blog of it. Very easy. Very comfortable, even with two pieces of luggage and very cheap!

Lumpini MRT Station (subway)
Going down to Bang Sue direction

Waiting for the Bang Sue train
Phetchaburi Station - look for signs
Map to orientate myself
Long line at MRT - better have a ticket already!

Clear signs to Makkasan Station
going up to the cross-over
Crossing over the street

Makkasan station top right
The reason why taking the train!

Hall to buy your tickets
Train Schedule
Ticket Machine

Select English language!

Token system

Passing through entry gates
Makkasan in Thai script!
Waiting for the train (around noon)

Train arrives

Semi-full train on the way to Airport
A ride with a view :-)

Exit at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Have the token handy!!!

Exit of Train Station

Flights and Gates Info

Going up and arriving at the Arrival Hall

Actually going back to the city with the train again a few days later so here are a few more images of other things.

City Line train is really cheap!

View stations between airport and city.

There is also an Express Train

Express Train is faster but more expensive!

Decide which train you want to take!

Express Train Area - all empty!

Really nobody around at Express Train Station

Check in your baggage at Express Train Station!

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