Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Friends recommended the Muntri Mews Boutique Hotel in Penang's Georgetown for my stay recently. The web site looked great, prices were a bit on the high side, but after reviewing most of the boutique hotels of Georgetown it seemed to be the best selection for my needs. 

Despite the title I used here for my blog, I loved the place. I loved everything about it, with one exception which was the online connectivity. For some people this might not be an issue at all. In fact most people would be happy to be disconnected for a holiday! For me, as an online junkie, it is a big issue. I would rather have NO connection at all, than a bad one which keeps dropping. 
However, the hotel staff did everything imaginable to help me out. Praise the service of the Muntri Mews!! They moved me from a really nice corner room to a room closer to the middle where reception should have been better. After that failed (an internal thing between the available WiFi and my new laptop's connectivity) they even handed me one of their own laptops to use. I was awed!! However, I could still not keep a connection up for checking mail or even do facebook or a blog. I ended up sitting by the cafe in the mornings, noons, evenings to get a connection to their Cafe WiFi network. Back in the rooms, I just gave up and used my phone's wireless plan. 

 Everything else in the Muntri Mews, which claims to be a "Boutique Accommodation for Today's Flashpacker" was great! And I will for sure be back (and hope they will install a stronger WiFi signal)

In my own ranking system, the Munti Mews turns out like this:

Location 5 of 5
Room Size 5 of 5
WiFi free and working 2 of 5
Breakfast included and yummy 5 of 5
Staff competency and friendliness 5 of 5
Safety box in the room and adequate size 0 of 5
Bathroom functionality 5 of 5
Room design and functionality 5 of 5
Sounds 5 of 5

The location was one street behind the busy Lebuh Chulia, was quiet yet central. I could easily reach all tourist spots or buses by walking. There is some traffic and sitting outdoor in the Cafe can be noisy, but the rooms are quiet. 

The room size is just awesome! Even with my large luggage it is no problem to open, unpack and store it. One thing I noticed only after I had booked the room, was what Lonely Planet wrote about the hotel "...but conspicuously at this price range, no wardrobe, minibar or safe."  Indeed there was no safety box, which is a another MUST HAVE in my mind. I ended up carrying most of my valuables with me most of the time!  Wardrobe - I had a big one, with locks where I could store everything either hanging or laying flat. So that was a no issue. Minibar - yep there was none. However I had fresh fruits in the room, provided by the hotel. Also coffee and tea bags with a water heater and most importantly two HUUUUGE bottles of filtered water. More than in any other hotel around the globe so far!  OK, it was not cold, but the nicest touch of the Muntri Mews is, that the staff is so observant that they will bring you ice water to your room in the moment you come back. They will give it to you at the outdoor seating area, or in the cafe or anywhere they see you. That in my mind is by far better than a mini bar. 

Like I said, I had two rooms in my 8 days stay. I loved both rooms and both bathrooms were spacious with an incredible array of amenities. And they were not only replaced when you called the lobby but even before they were empty. Nice touch again!

Room design was cool. Well, to be expected of a boutique hotel. The staff came in the morning to open the window blinds and clean the room and they came in the evening to prep the room for the night (including spraying against mosquitoes). There is also an anti-mossi device in the room though. 

The hotel is small, so not too many people will disturb your heavenly sleep. If at all, I woke up from an undisturbed night by the Bengali Mosque down on Lebuh Leith, quite a distance away. No sound at all from the hotel, the street or the other guests. I loved waking up under my mosquito-net covered huge bed! 

Food in the Cafe was great. Loved the breaky and had several of the other dishes and drinks to put on several pounds of weight! 

The staff is great. Every single person working at the hotel is friendly, helpful, competent and will make your stay even nicer. Big kudos to the staff!!

So, with the little exception for the WiFi connection, the Muntri Mews is an excellent place to stay and I consider myself now a "flashpacker" too!

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