Monday, June 2, 2014


Someone asked me "what's the single biggest thing you remember from your recent visit at the Borobudur temple" and "the menu and food from Plataran Borobudur Resort" was my answer!

I usually do not start my blog with food dishes, but here is the exception to the rule! When I checked into the Plataran Borobudur Resort in Java, Indonesia, one of the first guys I talked with turned out to be the executive chef, Iqbal Batubara. Being a vegetarian myself (with an exception to eat some fish), the first question I always ask is whether I do find any food options at the restaurant and Iqbal said "sure, we have a lot of options for you". 

So, after checking into my room I went to the restaurant and was presented with a separate menu for vegetarian dishes, in addition to the many other options on the standard menu. In the following days I found myself being pampered with some of the best food I have had in all my business and private travels. And I travel A LOT! 

Starting from the breakfast options where I was presented with more options than ever before, to the lunch and finally dinner, I was amazed what Iqbal is creating here at this remote place on earth. And it was all very tasty creations of dishes. See it for yourself...well, you got to taste it for yourself really!  The food alone would be enough reason to go back to the Plataran Borobudur Resort (which I will blog about in my next posting). 

Thanks Iqbal for making my stay there one of the culinary highlights of my Indonesian visit.

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