Sunday, August 10, 2014


Brickfields sits in the shadow of the modern transportation centre of K.L. and is nestled between the high rise hotels and offices around the KL Sentral complex and the river to the south-east of it. It's not a "pretty" tourist district as Bukit Bintang might be and some of my Malaysian friends asked me "why do you want to stay in Brickfields?"  

However, I find it a "real" place amongst the modern and glittering world of shopping malls and the somewhat decadent way of modern living amongst youngsters with their designer cloths who eat cakes and swarm all over the same-taste coffee shops, which hide the true picture of a country and it's culture.

Brickfields can be cheap, interesting and definitely tasty if you love Indian food, specially vegetarian food. And there is still several temples, which are filled with real ceremonies and prayers, though no photography allowed in some (unfortunately). Sri Kandaswamy Kovil indian temple, Arulmegu Sree Veera Hanuman temple, Sri Sakti Karpaga Vinayagar temple are just some of the indian places to name. One of my favourite is the Maha Vihara Buddhist temple, next to the Temple of Fine Arts with it's vegetarian restaurant underneath. Monorail and KL Sentral station provide a perfect connection for a Brickfields visit.

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