Saturday, December 27, 2014


So I tried to blog here about my travels to Myanmar and Laos and what happened? Google "discovered" a "suspicious" attempt to log in from Vientiane, Laos...Well, surprise surprise, Google! This behaviour is actually called TRAVEL!  Hard to believe, but there are people who travel to weird locations and they still use their own equipment and their known passwords. 

So, google logged me out and wanted to send a code to my phone number, which of course did not work in Laos. The "backup" email solution?  That would be Yahoo!, which also logged me out because of "someone" tried to login from an unknown location. 

Well, google and yahoo you are just hopeless "world leaders" and I am seriously thinking about quitting you all together and going to others who are less intrusive to my privacy. 

I am back in now, but it's good that I did not travel for a year!

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