Wednesday, January 14, 2015


"Excuse me. May I speak with you?"  said an older man at the train track in Yangon to me. "We would like to practise our English if you don't mind".  Of course I didn't and I had the best company and valuable information for the following 3 hours of train ride.  It was their day off work and they spent it on the train which had A/C, while their house did not. 

Taking the circle line train around Yangon was quite an adventure! Even just to find out where to get a ticket was an adventure, since there is no sign anywhere. I stood in line at the busiest counter for a while but it was so slow moving that I finally asked someone where the circle line tickets could be bought and I was directed to track number 7 on the other side of the railway station. So, up the stairs, across the bridge and down the stairs again I found a small booth with a sign in English. Surprisingly I was asked to enter the office and sit down while my ticket was handwritten by a real friendly guy who spoke English. 300 Kyat was the cheapest thing I bought all week in Yangon and it was even a train with A/C. 

The train was mostly used by local people going or coming from work or markets along the route. It took over 3 hours to circle slowly around the city of Yangon and was another great way to explore life in Myanmar. 

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