Monday, February 16, 2015


My favourite hotel in Vientiane still remains the SALANA BOUTIQUE HOTEL, which I blogged about a year ago. It was just rated as the best hotel of Vientiane in TripAdvisor, so I wasn't so far off with my own opinion. 

But the price is high and I wanted to spend less on this new trip through Laos, so I picked the IBIS Hotel this time. I also needed to be closer to the temple Wat Sisakat and the IBIS is just a few minutes down the street. 

Having been in other IBIS Hotels around the world, there should not be any surprises, since all of their rooms really look and feel the same. They are clean, basic and cheap (except places like Singapore). 

In my own rating system the IBIS turns out as follows (based on the cheaper price compared to the Salana)

Location 5 of 5 (as a conscious decision)
Room Size 4 of 5 
WiFi free and working 5 of 5 
Breakfast included and yummy 1 of 5 
Staff competency and friendliness 5 of 5 
Safety box in the room and adequate size 5 of 5 
Bathroom functionality 3 of 5
Room design and functionality 4 of 5
Sounds 5 of 5

For what I paid, the room was absolutely adequate and I was so happy with it that I actually reserved the same room for a week later again (which surprisingly worked out!!)  The bed was a tick too soft for my needs, softer than other IBIS hotel beds. WiFi worked well for two devices and I had my own password which I prefer to an openly public WiFi connection. 

The breakfast was not included and the staff mentioned the breakfast option in their second or third sentence when checking in. I tried it once in the morning of the first day because 8$ seemed like an "OK" deal. However the selection for a vegetarian was limited. Most of the buffet options had meat in them, so I was left with eggs and toast or jam and toast. The bill surprised me, since it rang up to over 10$, which I found expensive considering the limited options I had. I did not realize that the two ' ++ ' on the menu could well mean 'starting from 8$'  (that is my guess). After that I just went across the street and had better and cheaper options. 

The bar/bistro/restaurant seems to be open 24 hours, which would be awesome, but it was always empty when I walked through it from the lift. 

 A word to the sounds of the room. It was surprisingly quiet, but I had a room on the top floor (fourth) in the corner. However I faced the local mosque, which had me worried at first that I might be woken up by the call for prayers. However I could see the muezzin and the micro but not hear anything. In fact the dogs barking in the alley below and the music from the bars were really annoying at night time. 

All in all a great few days I had twice at the IBIS in Vientiane. Great location, great price!

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