Sunday, May 10, 2015


Yes...I did go back to Sepang, Malaysia.  Last year's race was so great that I decided to make the experience this year even better. The Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix organisers offer really good deals for REALLY good seats early on. So, making plans for flights, hotels and race tickets is a no-brainer!

One thing I changed over 2014 though was the way to get to the Sepang International Circuit. While I was taking the bus from KL Sentral in 2014, which was cheaper but a less great experience, I planned to take advantage of the combined KLIA Ekspres & Shuttle Bus ticket in 2015. It was slightly more expensive but a faster way to get to the SIC race track and offers A/C on the train and free WiFi. 

Since it was Friday, there weren't a lot of people on the train or shuttle bus and we were routed the "long" way through KLIA airport (meaning up and down the escalators). I also knew where to get out of the shuttle bus, once we reached the race track and didn't repeat last years mistake to get stuck at the other end of the circuit. 

Friday is the day for F1 first and second practice sessions with lots of time in between. The good thing is that there is no real seat assignment on Friday, so I was able to explore almost every area of the grandstands with awesome views of the race track. I still prefer the seats across from the pit lane, but it was nice to see the action in the other parts of the race track, meet up with good friends from last year and just stroll around and explore. Also, the race track is almost empty. Not many people attend the practice sessions, even though I had some great moments and saw a few "off the track" actions scenes.

The way back to KL Sentral was a swift deal again with the shuttle/KLIA Ekspres option. Absolutely well organized with seats all the way.

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