Wednesday, June 24, 2015


What a great town Melaka is! Compact. Easy to walk. Lots of culture and entertainment. 

Of course I did all the spots which are covered in all the maps and travel guides, along with hundreds of other tourists. However, I started early and sometimes had those places all to myself. 

The famous Jonker Street is where all the tourists go, but usually it is quite empty during the week and to be honest, Melaka has much more to offer than Jonker! 

So, for my day one trail, I focused on Porta de Santiago, the old gateway into the Portuguese fortress, St. Paul's Hill and Church, the Dutch Square and all the buildings around the Stadthuys. And of course I chris-crossed the side streets of Jonker Street and Blacksmith/Goldsmith/Temple Street (which I actually liked more due to it's mosques and temples.

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