Friday, June 26, 2015


I was told that four nights in Melaka would be too many and I would get bored. Well...not at all!!  I was still quite busy on my 3rd day of walking Melaka. 

I started out at the historic Dutch Graveyard, a piece of Melaka history which most tourists won't even notice. Even my Melaka born friends did not know anything about it. From there I attempted to find my way to Bukit Cina and Pho San Teng Temple, which proved a bit difficult. Almost everyone I asked sent me in a different direction and I finally had to just revert back to my own sense of direction and managed to find it ok.  Bukit Cina with over 12.000 graves is said to be the largest grave site outside of China. For me personally it was definitely the largest concentration of mosquitoes anywhere in Asia so far! 

Walking back all the way to the historic center of Melaka I zig-zagged again through the streets and visited various temples and museums with a stop at "The Geographer's Cafe" for lunch. It was also Friday so the streets filled with groups of tourists from Malaysia and other places in Asia and I spotted a few really dumb individuals with a Caucasian background who attempted to visit Kampong Kling Mosque during Friday prayers being totally underdressed. Actually more fit for a beach or pool time. Some people never cease to surprise me!

Finally I gave in and paid a visit to the Maritime Museum, an A/C equipped replica of a Portuguese ship, which was quite interesting to experience. 

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