Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Map of the new purple line
The idea felt great, to take the new purple line train back to Bangkok, after a visit to Nonthaburi! The train was also a great experience, but I had no idea that after a long ride on the new line, it would just stop, spit me out at Tao Poon Station, 16 stops later and make me take a free bus to get to the subway station of Bang Sue, which finally brought me back to Bangkok. 

Despite that missing link, it is great to see how much work is done to ease the traffic congestion in Bangkok. Once the short gap is filled, I am sure it will be a great way to get in and out of the city. Surprisingly my BTS card did not work for this section and I had to pay an extra 40something Baht. I hope that they will also "bridge" that gap and make it all part of one system and one payment system. 

Besides that, it's a really nice train. HUGE train stations with even HUGER park&ride buildings. My ride was back at the end of November, so with the prime ministers announcement that he will fix the problem, I am hopeful that I will soon be able to take the train from Khlong Bang Phai station in Nonthaburi all the way to the subway station Bang Sue and from there the subway to the city. Fingers crossed!  For a tourist, like me, it's a cheap and quick way out to the suburbs of Bangkok, with great views from the train.

Two other passengers besides me

Park & ride buildings

A whole train for myself!!!

Several stations later, still only two passengers

Getting closer to Bangkok

Clear labeling so you won't get lost

After 16 stops arriving in Tao Poon station

A bit confusing to find your way to the bus

Finally a bus sign!

The free shuttle to the subway in Bang Sue

Luckily no traffic and an empty bus

Bang Sue Subway station

Bang Sue Subway station

Map of the subway stops

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