Tuesday, January 17, 2017


One of my favourite day trips in Bangkok is to take the boat outside of the city. For one because it is a cheap way to see and explore a lot and it is also an efficient way to leave the city without being hassled by the traffic. 

I've done the trip up to Nonthaburi a few times, but by boat I did it last in 2004 to flee the city from the Songkran craze. Surprisingly nothing much had chanced since then. It was still finding the right connections of Subway (MRT) and Sky Train (BTS) to Saphan Taksin (Taksin bridge) and taking an express boat which goes all the way to Nonthaburi peer. Yellow and orange flag boats are the ones which I prefer. Once the tourist sites and Grand Palace stops pass by, I usually have the boat almost to myself. I think I paid 40something baht for the whole way up!  While the boats in the past went on further, to Pak Kred pier, it now stops in Nonthaburi. However, Nonthaburi is a good place to explore for a while. Lots of markets and some temples are there as well as local town life without the craziness of the big city of Bangkok. 

Koh Kred, the artificial island, is still a bit further up the river, but from Nonthaburi there are several options to continue the trip, either by taxi, which will drop you at Pak Kred upriver, or by boat. Usually there are scammers at Nonthaburi pier who want to sell boat trips. I have done those too and quite liked them, but a bit of bargaining is needed to get a good price. This time I just met up with a friend and went up to Koh Kred by car, from where we crossed the river by ferry for 2 Baht. 

Once on the island of Koh Kred, I always feel like being in another world. Note: this is a completely different story on the weekend or on holidays! Very few tourist are here, either Thai or foreigners. Some rent a bicycle to cycle around the island. Others just walk. There are plenty of old temples, restaurants, food stalls, tourist shops and nature to explore. I also just love to sit by the river and watch the ships and boats pass by and enjoy the quietness of this island. The way back is the same way - ferry - taxi and boat or taxi and the new purple line train which will connect to the subway trains further down in Nonthaburi. I tested the purple line train

Nonthaburi square

crossing the river to Koh Kred island

King Rama V

food stalls along the way around the island


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