Tuesday, December 19, 2017


I've had more or less regular visits to Penang over the past 30 years. Always loved Georgetown and it's historic part and my more or less un-planned walks through the small Lorongs and Lebuhs. Tourism has definitely taken over certain parts of Georgetown, so I tend to avoid the street art parts on Sundays or public holidays. I always get one of the incredibly cheap "Rapid Penang Passport" tickets which lets me use all the buses for a few days without having to have the exact amount of coins with me. Sometimes I just take the bus around and enjoy seeing other parts of Penang, or I get off, meet some locals and then take a bus back to the center. Since it rained most of the time during my last visit, I had to change plans and quickly visit certain parts of Georgetown in those brief moments when the sun was out, but it still gave me an enjoyable visit to the places I love - the various temples and mosques, various historical buildings and restaurants, plus events happening in town. And there are always A LOT of events in Penang! 

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