Friday, December 29, 2017


Ipoh in the State of Perak - what a treat!!  It had never been on my radar until recently and I wanted to take the train from Butterworth down to Ipoh, but upon realizing that I needed to take a ferry across from Georgetown to catch a 7am train, I opted for the most convenient transport and took a taxi all the way from Georgetown to Ipoh! Luckily a great and safe driver and a very pleasant journey! 

Arrived in IPOH in the early afternoon and used the full force of the sunshine on that day one of my three day visit, which I kicked off at IPOH's tourist Information Center. The staff here was really friendly and equipped me with all kinds of maps and suggestions for the next few days, so I was well prepared and started my walk through old town Ipoh visiting all the spots of the Ipoh Heritage Trail, with the late afternoon sun, slowly walking eastwards across the Kinta River. 

I was amazed at how clean and green Ipoh was. What a positive treat for my eyes and for my cameras!


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