Sunday, December 17, 2017


Finally a visit to Penang again! Lots of changes since my first visit back in 1996! Coffee shops and western eateries all over in the old town of Georgetown. On the rest of the island a lot of new high rise buildings and shopping malls.  Compared to my old photos from 1996, the place is hardly recognizable. With the exception of the protected historic part of course. The biggest difference was visible from the top of the KOMTAR tower, which I had visited back then, which was a not so pretty view from behind glass on the top floor. Now, a new "Window of THE TOP" is open and with it lots of activities, restaurants and, most excitingly, an open observation deck with a glass floor rainbow walk!  As I understood from the video show, they simply added a few floors to the old top and created several new levels for the new activities. 

I visited during a really rainy week, so I used the first opportunity of sunshine in the morning to make my way up to the top with the fast lift. For the price of RM68 I was told that I can re-visit as often as I wanted on that day . It was also a very quiet day, due to the rain, so I had the top floor all for myself, visited in the morning when they opened and got somewhat lucky with the views over Penang and Georgetown. 

Unfortunately the clouds already increased during my visit and by the time I was back downstairs it rained! It rained all day long and my attempt to get back to the top again for an evening view did not look very promising. In the lobby downstairs they told me that the top was closed that night due to the rain, but I still tried and took the lift up to meet a few surprised staff members who accompanied me up to the observation deck. Again, I was the only person up there and got a few glimpses of Penang through the clouds and the rain. Still exciting, but no party and music, like I had seen on photos before. 


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