Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Of course I also spent some time in Ipoh eating, but it seemed that most Asian travellers only go there for this reason! The restaurants and the food seem to be their top priority. I have had a few positive encounters with food places, but given that I am a vegetarian, the selection wasn't that overwhelming. Two of the restaurants I wanted to visit were no longer existing, so I focused on some vegetarian places in Little India instead. 

However, Ipoh is known for it's mural art! On all three days I looked up the various paintings, equipped with the IPOH Mural Art Trail map from the Tourist Information Centre. However, just strolling through the streets of Ipoh one does come across most of the murals. Some were a bit hidden and to my surprise I had all of the murals completely to myself. None of the tourist craze which I experienced in Georgetown, Penang happened here in Ipoh. No lines of people who all want to take the same shot with the mural art. I did visit on a Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, which was actually rather quiet. 

The largest concentration of murals was actually east of the river close to Jalan Masjid. Nearly every building has at least one or more murals on its walls. 


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