Thursday, February 7, 2013


I have purposely waited for a month before writing this. Exactly a month, to be precise! I wanted to make sure that the taste buds and taste receptors of my tongue get back to normal and the high levels of serotonin and dopamine in my  brain decreased slightly. 

Well, I might be exaggerating a bit here but this is what I felt like after eating at my favourite eatery in Bangkok's Silom district at Vincent's Restaurant and Seven Rooms. It has been my second exposure to Vincent's culinary highlights in six months and I actually ate there almost every day. Except for Sundays when it is closed and ... for four very ...very long days when he closed for New Year. Then I actually had to force myself to find other places and was promptly disappointed. 

Well, eating and liking food is very subjective, but then this is MY blog here and thus MY liking. But the fact that I went back there every day and I dragged every friend there with me, shows that I was really served well. My friends also loved it...both western and Thai friends. 

Vincents kitchen provides a wide variety of food from Thai to western and from his own creations of thai-ish dishes like those yummy fish cakes to soups, I still can't pronounce. I just order "MY soup"!  

When Vincent gets into the mood, and I was lucky enough to be there during one of those phases, he even offers yummy cake creations. I was guinea pig for some, well I was fortunate enough to be the first guest tasting them and I was lucky enough to get the last piece on some days. Loved them all and could not get enough...I am still afraid to hit my scale at home after a month of returning from the trip!

Besides the food, what I really liked in those two prolonged visits to Bangkok, was the friendliness of Vincent and his staff. From the first moment on you feel "at home" and "welcomed". Hence I never really wanted to be on the look out for other restaurants. I even met some friends high above the skyline of Bangkok at Vertigo Bar for drinks (and for the view) but from the rooftop bar I called Vincent to get a table reserved and we all moved over there to eat. 

Back soon!!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


OK, I admit it!! I am in love with an airport! Changi - to be exact! 

I have been to dozens of airports in the US, Europe and Asia and Changi is the only airport where I feel less comfortable in the VIP lounges than in the actually hallways of the airport. 

Changi provides the fastest (and I mean it!!!) way from the airplane door through immigration, luggage pick-up, customs and taxi pick-up. I timed it several times and usually it takes me only about 15 minutes! In Munich, the wait time at the luggage pick-up is sometimes even longer than that (after a long walk and long line at immigration!)  Ok, I have had friends from Malaysia tell me that their line at immigration was all the way back to the escalators but I have never ever had such a situation. 

The immigration officials are also some of the nicest...let me rephrase that...THE nicest and friendliest I have ever faced. No interrogation, no unfriendly faces, almost no questions. Maybe because I look trustworthy...or because I look Caucasian...but then I look the same when I go to to the U.S.A, where I feel like playing Monopoly..."do NOT go to New York - go back through GTMO first and answer all those nasty questions by VERY unfriendly officials before you come back here"....well seriously who feels welcomed by people who bark at you "what do you want in MY country?"

Changi also offers the best entertainment and relaxation options to beat 2 hours of wait time...or even longer. There are areas, where I would never wake up again if I ever laid down. There are great options to eat and drink...and of course shopping :-)

But lastly, Changi stands out because of it's design and decoration. There are fish ponds, trees, plants, flowers, seasonal decos, like xmas trees and most importantly, the carpet!! You do not hear people walking or pulling their carry-on. It is simply my number one airport in the world!