Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I had been to Pantip Suites in Bangok's Sathorn district several times for dinner invitations of friends. I always admired the great views over the city of Bangkok. I even spent New Year Eve up on one of the suites enjoying a somewhat limited firework show in the streets below. 

Though what I saw during the last visit recently, I can only title "great views & great filth". Even the rest of the experience was not in line with my expectations. Staff at check-in was almost rude when they school-masterly said  "Don't lose this key!!! It's the last one we got"....It's a freaking key card, so why don't they just re-program another one?

Anyway, back to the views! They are still great. But they do show everything outside the 26 story high hotel. The balcony is spacious and makes one want to sit outside with a cold drink and enjoy the views. 

The inside? Spacious...very spacious. Lots of empty room in the living room, which is filled with somewhat old fashioned furniture, an ancient TV set with a very mediocre connection and selection. 

Bedroom was spacious too with lots and lots of drawers and hangers. Lots of space for baggage. Large safety box, conveniently located in one of the closets. 

Bathroom was large too, but it did not look too clean. Very limited set of amenities, which I would have expected for a price of 2000 TBH per night (at a special offer). The shower hose was broken and the water kept coming out everywhere. The bathroom tiles did not look clean, as did the whole sink area. Something you want to start cleaning if it was your own place!

Biggest shock was the A/C unit though. I have never in my years and years of travel seen more filth. I thought I would only see something like this in a rundown hourly room in a red light district of Bangkok. It was just totally disgusting to see!  The A/C control unit did not work at all. Switching it off did not work at all, despite turning it to "off". In the bedroom it could be turned off by the control unit by the bed, but in the living room there was no way to switch it off, other than turning off the main electric switch. But that also turned off the lights!

The kitchen unit looked very used and also not clean. Not very inviting to even think about having a meal prepared in there. The fridge had been cleaned, but the rest looked like it needed a thorough cleaning job. 

Breakfast was awful and offered a very limited selection. Even the Pinnacle Lumphini down the street offers a better selection at half the price. And try to pick your own egg off the holding pan where the already prepared eggs are placed and you will be slapped on your hands by the big lady watching over "her eggs". SHE will give it to you! You are not allowed to serve yourself! 

All in all, what's left for a price of 2000 TBH or more is the view! Sorry guys...early check-out and see you never again!




Wednesday, June 12, 2013


...HOME!!  In this case the home away from home!  

I did blog about Vincent's Restaurant in Bangkok's Sathorn district several times before. I had never stayed there but for my recent trip I finally booked a room in his small Hotel, hence the full name of Vincent's Restaurant & the 7 Rooms. 

For a change, I will start with the negative sides on this post: 

1) I hated leaving the place at the end of my three week stay

2) I put on 2 kg from all the yummy food I ate at Vincent's place. 
3) can't think of anything else 

So, with this out of the way, I can focus on the positives! And there are plenty of them covered already by other guests on TripAdvisor and other databases. This of course is my own personal blog based on my own experiences. 

I booked a small room for my stay. But it was surprisingly big compared to the rooms I have had in Singapore at a much higher price. So, as long as my huge suite case fits in without blocking my way, I am already happy. Plenty of drawers and hangers in the room and finally a large enough safe which even holds my laptop. It is also mounted and not just loosely sitting in the closet like in other hotels and in a position which allow me to read the instructions and use it. In other hotels I had to crawl on the floor with a flashlight to even find out how to use it. 

Bed was super comfortable (I like it hard!!). Room was clean with a nice wooden floor and not one of those nasty carpets. The building the rooms are in is not a newly build house. It is quite old, but it has a lot of charm. However, it is not a fancy and unpractical boutique hotel, if you are looking for that. It is "just" a practical room which on the other side makes me feel like being at home. 

The TV programs contain everything I wished for! Literally!! I HAD TO WATCH Vettel win the F1 race on one night and I HAD TO WATCH Bayern M√ľnchen win the champions league. And I was prepared to go to some stupid sports bar in the middle of the night for that, but to my surprise, I had it all in the comfort of my own room!

The price of the rooms is quite attractive and the staff even makes sure you get fresh fruit every day. But the bathroom amenities are naturally  limited at that price. Most of us bring our own brands anyway. 

The WiFi connection in the Hotel is free and it is one of the best I have ever had in any Hotel in Asia. For an online junkie like myself it was a really big plus!!

I have blogged about the restaurant and the food before, so I will not go into that detail again. But what I will say once more, is that I felt like being part of a family and being welcomed from the first minute I stepped into Vincent's place until I had to check-out.  As a result, I have cancelled my already booked hotels for the rest of the year and booked myself into this really nice and cosy place in Bangkok, called Vincent's!