Monday, May 5, 2014


A friend recommended the Aloft Hotel at K.L. Sentral for my sleeps and daily transfers to the F1 race track in Sepang because he really liked the place for it's uniqueness. 

After my long stay there, I loved that place as well. It was better than any other hotel I have had in K.L. before. Everything was simply wonderful!

In my own ranking system, the Aloft at K.L. Sentral turns out like this:

Location 5 of 5
Room Size 5 of 5
WiFi free and working 5 of 5
Breakfast included and yummy 0 of 5
Staff competency and friendliness 5 of 5
Safety box in the room and adequate size 5 of 5
Bathroom functionality 5 of 5
Room design and functionality 5 of 5
Sounds 4 of 5

Location rocks!! Getting in from the airport or going anywhere in the city with public transportation, this place is awesome. Within minutes you are on your train or bus. The hotel is located right next to the K.L. Sentral station. 

The room was awesome, even without having an upgrade. Lots of space and with a great view! It had a large enough safety box which was large enough to hold a laptop. The Aloft provides plenty of amenities in the bathrooms and replaces it when empty or used. Everything worked flawlessly. The only critique point I would have is that there is are no drawers to store your things, so you either leave them in the suitcase or "display" them openly. There is plenty of room, but just no drawers. There is plenty of seating options, a desk and a couch, but the Aloft offers so many entertainment places, that you don't want to spend a lot of time in the room. 

The hotel roof top pool is awesome! The bar next to it is great and the nightly DJ performance is just what I wanted. I ended up spending every evening up there. Now you might not like house music, specially if you have the rooms at the higher levels, but it was perfect for me, even on the Saturday special event nights.

I did not test the breakfast, but rather went out into nearby Brickfields to enjoy real Indian food but the few times I ate in the Hotel, it was real tasty food at an inexpensive price. 

WiFi worked flawlessly and was free even in the back corner of my room, at the pool, in the lobby or at the bar! But there are also workstations in the lobby, in case you don't have your own laptop.

The staff of the hotel is very friendly and very accommodating, whether at the check-in counter or at the hotel pool. The Aloft provides things other Hotels don't even think about, like phone charging lockers or a sandwich and drinks shop. Even when they were out of a certain sandwich I had looked for, the friendly staff went off to the kitchen and had one made specially for me! 

The walls between the rooms are very thin though, so you might hear things from the room next door which you do not want to hear. It was very entertaining at times! 

Great place, great location and great staff. Will be back!