Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Well, not really staying with locals, but so much embedded in a small local village on the outskirts of busy Yogyakarta, that it feels like a home stay. 

It was a conscious decision to stay at the d'Omah Hotel in Yogyakarta (Jogjakarta or Jogja in short) in the small village of Tembi, halfway between the city and the beach. I knew it was going to be a remote location, so I will not rate the location in my own rating system. You are dependent on external drivers, friends or on your own transportation if you want to go anywhere from here. 

It also does not feel like any of the hotels I have stayed in
before, but rather like it's own little village, made up of bungalows, cottages, open air huts and lots of space. There is even a small creek which flows right through the vast hotel grounds. I did get confused as to where my room was for several days, specially at night time because the place is so big. 

In my own ranking system the d'Omah looks like this:
Location 5 of 5 (as a conscious decision)
Room Size 5 of 5
WiFi free and working 2 of 5
Breakfast included and yummy 5 of 5
Staff competency and friendliness 5 of 5
Safety box in the room and adequate size 5 of 5
Bathroom functionality 5 of 5
Room design and functionality 5 of 5
Sounds 2 of 5

Check-in was one of the most personal ones I have ever had. I even got a tour through the whole hotel and the surroundings. There is a gallery behind the hotel and several other galleries in the small street behind it, which was also shown to me.  Staff was very polite and helpful. 

The rooms were really big. Probably the biggest rooms I have had in Asia so far. However, I had to change rooms after a few days due to some noise coming from the animals from local people living next door. Since the hotel is really set right in the village, you will have to deal with some situations, like villagers getting up early and having animals. Hence the "sound" rating is rather low here. The other reason for the low ranking is the nearby mosques. For light sleepers it is a real problem and the hotel even hands out ear plugs, but I was awake EVERY day at 4am!

The design of the hotel is awesome. There is so many details to see and explore that I felt like being in a museum or gallery. It's all very tastefully arranged and integrated with the living areas. Every room is in a different design. Rooms and villas are mixed with pools and gardens in a very nice way. It is definitely the hotel where I took the most photos ever!

Theoretically guests do not even have to leave the hotel but
spend a whole day or even days in here, relaxing and enjoying the nice place. The restaurant provided plenty of choices, both Western and Asian style. If wanted, a local taxi can be called and will bring you to the city in 15 to 20 minutes. 

I found the d'Omah to be more a place for families with kids. There is enough things to keep them busy inside the hotel and the rooms and villas are spacious enough. On the other hand the restaurant can become quite hectic, depending on the kid's (and their parent's) behaviour. But for your romantic candlelight dinner, the hotel will arrange your table (and serve you) in a small covered area in the middle of the rice fields across the street. 

A big disadvantage for me was the free WiFi, which kept dropping to unacceptable levels. However the hotel kept trying to reset the router and even came to the room to try to fix my own equipment's connection issues, however with no positive results. 

All in all a very nice and very tasteful place to stay at, away from the noise and hectic life of Yogyakarta, with a conscious decision for a remote place next to local mosques.