Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I never thought I would spend an entire day outdoors when in Kuala Lumpur, specially with the steaming heat conditions of Malaysia. But the close proximity of my hotel to the Lake Gardens was just too tempting to check it out. 

Though I could see it through my hotel window, walking to the Lake Gardens proved more than a challenge due to the freeways, on- and off ramps and fly-overs between my hotel and the park. 

What was planned to be just a quick visit turned into a full day at the park. A HOT day!  And I had not even visited all areas of the park by the time I left.

My favourite spots where the Hibiscus Garden and the Orchid Garden, followed by a real lovely visit to the Bird Park. While I was almost alone in the first two sections, the Bird Park seemed to be where most local visitors headed to. Lots and lots of kids and strollers!  But still enough places to get away and enjoy the birds. The feeding shows can get a bit overwhelming though with locals running screaming through the park to make it to the feeding spots in time. 

After a refreshing lunch at the Hornbill Restaurant, where I emptied an entire bottle of ketchup onto my clothes, I still wandered over to the Lake Gardens with it's trees and the lake. 
Note to myself: bring water next time, since there were almost no vendors inside the park at the time of my visit.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Kampung Baru and Chow Kit provide a real authentic atmosphere into a traditional and old part of Kuala Lumpur. You can see the city encroaching into this neighborhood but surprisingly this old Malay settlement has resisted being overrun with modern buildings and coffee chain stores. 

It's a bit out of the way for the normal tourist, but is conveniently reached through the Chow Kit Monorail station and can be combined with a trip to Titiwangsa Lake. 

Chow Kit Market is one of the largest and oldest fresh produce markets in K.L. and is a great, real life experience to walk through. Walking along Jalan Raja Alang  offers great small eateries to test out real Malaysian food and gives an opportunity to explore the Kampung Baru Mosque as well as the Sikh temple, Guru Nanak Darbaar Gurdwara Sahib. It was said to be open to worshippers only, but behaviour and attitude is all that it took me to be allowed inside for a free tour. 

Kampung Baru also still offers glimpses at small traditional wooden houses, local shops and restaurants and for me, one of the friendliest crowd of locals I have ever met on my street walks.


Sunday, August 10, 2014


I just love zig-zagging through the historic heart of K.L. every time I am in the city. The combination of architecture, shops, locals and tourists at the confluence of the Klang and the Gombak rivers is always good for a photo opportunity walk. 

I usually get off at Masjid Jamek station and enjoy the graceful Masjid Jamek, the oldest mosque in the area. I have never been inside though, since I enjoy seeing the peaceful arrangement of it's structures from the other side of the river. 

Old town hall and the magnificent Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad buildings, opposite of the independence square  with it's giant flagpole and water fountains are good for a nice walk, though mostly in the steaming heat of the day. 

Old Market Square and the shops around the newer Central Market always bring me back to my favourite Taoist temple Sin Sze Si Ya, where I always find interesting details in a different light.

As with most areas in K.L. the humidity and heat will be too much for me and I can only endure the outdoors for a limited time, so after a walk through these streets I usually seek cover in a nice cafe or restaurant around this area.