Monday, October 19, 2015


I am always excited to go back to Singapore. I really love the city and it's people! There is always something new to see and explore. F1 is one of my favourites and of course I had been back for the race in 2015. 

Before the race, the air quality was bad. So bad, that I had gotten emails from my friends in Singapore that the race might even be cancelled or that measures will be taken to match the bad air with the security needs at the race. Well, luckily nothing happened and the air was "okayish" though not good. You could clearly see the haze in the lights of the race. 

However after the race and a week after it, the air quality became so unbearable that it was impossible for me to breath and walk around without a mask. I had brought some high quality masks from Europe and after walking around with a lower quality mask from Singapore, I quickly changed to the more expensive ones. Though, even with a mask it was no fun at all. I started coughing and my eyes kept burning. So, finally I opted to stay in the apartment and not really go outside. Definitely not something I want to experience again!