Monday, January 22, 2018


Well, it was the grande F1NALE of the Formula 1 races in Sepang, Malaysia. And what a great finale it was! Somehow I had the feeling that the officials organized an extra great race to make us all feel extra sorry! Besides the rain, and a lot of rain, the organizers opened up the seating, so we were no longer able to buy the seats we had in the past few races, but we had to chose a seat in our ticket area. Actually worked out fine. I chose different seats and to my surprise even the Friday practise day was very well frequented. In the past years the Friday was kind of a boring day where you had plenty of seats available. 

As for transportation I stuck to my former methods which was the combination ticket between KLIA Ekspres train and shuttle bus, which still seemed to be the fastest way to get to the race. That is, if the BUS drivers don't get lost! On our way to the Sepang race track the bus driver turned left one street too early and I was wondering where we are going, passing the race track and ending up in some plantation and farmland. We had to turn around and the whole bus was laughing!  

The race was great! The weather wasn't and I am not sure why the organizers moved the  race from March to September. I had a feeling that it rained much more than before and while I was able to organize other activities around the race, September proved to be a really really bad month to visit Malaysia. It basically rained almost every day before and after the race. 

So, farewell my dear F1 race in Sepang. We will miss you!!

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