Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Back to the Pinnacle yet again and it is still my first choice when going to Bangkok. Like I said in former reviews, it is not a fancy hotel, but I like their location. The rooms are big and clean and the price is very competitive! It is probably the hotel I have stayed in the longest over the years and my many many Bangkok visits. I have stayed in dozens of Hotels up on Sukhumvit Road before, some a few times and some only once. The Pinnacle is still my first choice when visiting Bangkok. 

I have posted a lot of photos of the rooms before. It really doesn't change that much. what has changed is the view!! And what a change! I always preferred the view to the west side of the Hotel but now a HUGE construction zone is the major eye catcher and definitely also noise generator at night. Work has just started when I visited in May and June, but the trucks go all night long and when the go backwards, you hear a very disturbing "beep...beep...beep". I had two rooms this visit and the one on the 13th floor seemed much louder. Maybe the windows did not completely lock up there. The second room on the 10th floor seemed a bit better.  Several street blocks of the new "One Bangkok" are being built here now on 16.2 hectares space and it will be a new mega city withing the heart of Bangkok. Surely construction noise will increase as will traffic and once this new mega city is finished I am certain that this quiet neighborhood will just be as busy as Sukhumvit Road today.

As for the rest of the Hotel, it seemed that some of the staff was still around and was still friendly and helpful. I had a feeling though that management might have changed. The were targeting European, or German tourists as they can also now be found in German booking sites. The breakfast was still good and the selections had been re-arranged a bit. They also seemed to have a new manager/chef who was very helpful with providing English answers to questions on the food selections. 

On the pool deck, definitely work has to be done. Some of the chairs were in a very bad shape. However, I visited during the rainy season, so the Hotel might just hold off before any improvements are done. The fitness room on the 14th floor had some new equipment in, but I did not even test it during this visit. 

Location is still great. Easy to get to from the airport and easy to get away from. MRT station is also within walking distance, though not with lots of luggage. 


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